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If you are in need of the best wrongful death attorneys available, look no further than Timothy J. Ryan & Associates. Mr. Ryan and his associates have decades of experience successfully representing victims' families in many types of wrongful death lawsuits.

It is normal to be very emotional when dealing with a wrongful death claim. Rest assured that Mr. Ryan and his associates will help put you at ease and do their best to help make the process easy for you and your family.

Timothy J. Ryan was born and raised in the great city of Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from Boston College in 1978 with a double major in Psychology and Political Science.

Mr. Ryan earned his Juris Doctrine in 1980 from the Southwestern University School of Law, which he attended under the S.C.A.L.E. accelerated legal education program. He has been a member of the State Bar of California since 1981. Mr. Ryan firmly believes in giving back to the community.

He is active in many organizations and is currently the Board Manager of the Orange County YMCA, a chairperson with the Board of Trustees at Huntington Beach Hospital, and a chairperson on the Board of Directors for SeaCliff County Club in Huntington Beach, California.

Also, recently he was on the statewide Liaisons Panel for Ford and Firestone litigations in the state of California. In addition to his many community-centered activities, he is also the Editor of Forum Magazine, which is operated by the California Trial Lawyers Association.

For over thirty years, Timothy J. Ryan & Associates has been devoted to representing the rights of families who have lost loved ones due to carelessness and negligence.

Wrongful death cases can happen anywhere, from nearly anything. While it is good to be cautious, many times these things cannot be foreseen, such as death by car accident or product defect. Everyday new recalls are reported for everyday items, from baby cribs to car seats to vehicles.

In the event that a defective product harms you or a loved one, you must be sure to contact a caring and experienced attorney, as these cases are not quick. In fact, litigation for a wrongful death or serious injury case can take years. It takes commitment, both from the plaintiff and from the attorney.

This is one of numerous reasons why the attorneys at Timothy J. Ryan are at the top of their game. They are experienced, compassionate, and dedicated to their clients and their causes.

Often times, people may be scared to go to court or may be afraid that their case will not amount to anything monetarily; however, you will never know unless you consult an experienced attorney.

Cases can take years to find their way through the court system or even to a settlement, and you need an attorney and staff that will keep you in the fold the entire way through the case.

It is your right as a client to know what is happening in your case, even if the answer is repetitive every time you speak with your attorney. These cases are very serious, and they require attorneys who are dedicated not only to you, the client, but also to the case, the victim, and the cause behind the accident.

This is why Timothy J. Ryan & Associates have been successful in obtaining awards for wrongful death cases, as well as why Mr. Ryan has been a statewide Liaison for the Ford and Firestone litigations. This type of dedication and care is hard to find.

No matter what your circumstance, Timothy J. Ryan & Associates wants to help. Call 1-800-838-6644 today to request your free consultation from one of their caring legal professionals.



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Timothy J. Ryan & Associates

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates has earned a national reputation for aggressive client advocacy and real results for grieving families. If you have questions about your loved one's death, you can obtain a free consultation from attorney Timothy J. Ryan. Call (714) 898-4444 to get help today.