How Our Wrongful Death Lawyers Help Grieving Families

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Former Chief Justice Warren Burger asked a question that distills the practice of law to its essence: “Should lawyers not be healers?” When a loved one dies due to the careless behavior of another person, lawyers can help surviving family members heal.

Lawyers do not help with the grieving process using the tools of psychotherapists or members of the clergy. The healing force wielded by lawyers is justice, but that does not mean that a wrongful death lawyer should not be there emotionally for their clients. In fact, for Timothy J. Ryan & Associates, a personal attachment to each and every one of their clients is a necessity to provide superior legal representation.

The family's need for closure

Grieving the death of a family member is a natural and necessary process. When a parent dies a natural death, children are comforted by the knowledge that their parent lived a full life. Even if a family member's life is cut short by a disease like cancer, the rest of the family understands that no one is to blame for a natural death. That knowledge gives them a sense of closure and helps them move on with their lives.

Surviving family members are denied that sense of closure when a death results from the reckless or careless actions of another person or business. The sense of loss caused by an avoidable death is compounded when the wrongdoer suffers no consequences. Outrage and a feeling of injustice extend the grieving process as family members try to cope with the knowledge that no one has been held accountable for a loved one's wrongful death.

You will always have your memories of loving family members who die. When they die through the fault of another, those memories are stained by the realization that the person you loved should still be alive. For many, that stain can only be erased, and closure achieved, by making the responsible parties answer for their negligent or reckless conduct.

The healing power of justice

Modern societies have replaced “eye-for-an-eye” retribution with a judicial system that delivers financial justice. When careless actions cut a life short, the American legal system provides a remedy in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit.

A surviving spouse and, in some cases, other family members can seek compensation when a death was caused by negligent, reckless, or deliberate conduct. Money cannot replace the love and companionship provided by the deceased family member, but it can replace the financial support that family members will lose because of that person's death. The misery of a preventable death is compounded by medical bills, funeral expenses, and the inability to make loan payments or to pay expenses that the deceased family member always handled. Compensation helps ease the financial pain that accompanies an unexpected death.

Just as importantly, wrongful death compensation assures that negligent individuals and corporations are held responsible for their inexcusable behavior. The belief that justice has been done is an important step toward healing. Personal injury lawyers help victims heal by seeking justice for wrongful deaths. When you receive compensation for a wrongful death claim, you know that justice has prevailed. The healing power of justice helps you move on with your life

Help yourself by helping others

When there are no consequences for careless behavior, there is no incentive to behave responsibly. Corporations that manufacture dangerous products will continue to sell them if they are not held accountable. Truck drivers who keep driving when they are drowsy will continue to value their paycheck more than the safety of other drivers.

Wrongful death lawsuits send a message. That message is heard not only by the person or corporation held responsible for a wrongful death, but by others who learn that negligent actions have consequences. Your community has the potential to become a safer place every time a wrongful death lawsuit results in a verdict or settlement.

Helping others is the best way to help yourself overcome grief. Timothy J. Ryan & Associates is committed to helping grieving family members obtain justice, closure, and satisfaction by holding people accountable for their deadly actions.



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