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“A very good experience. When I first began searching for a doctor who could treat my medical condition after the accident, I was told about attorney Ryan by a friend. The friend had used Ryan’s services and was very pleased. I was more than pleased as well. Thanks everyone for your service. It was a traumatic period for me and I’m slowly getting back to my normal routine! Again, thank you Attorney Ryan and staff.”

Rodger Vierra

“Timothy J. Ryan & Associates delivered everything they promised and more. I got into a car accident on PCH in HB and my life hasn’t been the same ever since. Without Tim I don’t know how I would be able to pay for everything since I didn’t have medical insurance at the time of the collision. Plus, the additional amount I received in excess of my medical expense costs was huge when buying a house. Throughout the process, I always felt like their staff was taking care of everything and I didn’t have to worry. In the end, I was right.”

Mr. Musthak

“Everyone at Tim Ryan’s office was very helpful and professional. My case was handled well and I received a favorable settlement. When I called they answered my questions. It took a while, but they made the whole situation very easy. Highly recommend.”

Dorothy Hayes

“I hired this firm after my horrible vehicle accident! I was treated really well by Mr. Timothy. He was awesome and provided enough time talking about my case. Great legal advice, worked hard and made sure my needs were taken care of and won my case. Great job!”

Angie H.

“Thanks to Timothy and his hard working staff i healed from my injuries from where they had sent me for therapy and settled my case well!! i will forever remember what you and your staff has done for me and with no hesitations would recommend this firm to anyone in need of help!!”

Alberto Rivera

“Got into a really bad car accident and Timothy J. Ryan & Associates was amazing. Everyone at the office went out of their way to make us comfortable and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our experience. Everything I asked for, they did. Everything I wanted, I received. I highly recommend them for car accident compensation.”

Praise Jordan

“Tim Ryan and associates did a great job for me! I could care less about customer service, I just wanted to receive the most money possible. I suffered A LOT from a serious dog attack and I’m stuck with a life-long debilitating injury. I wanted to make sure I got the most money possible because I know my bills are going to be outrageous. They got me more than I thought possible! Feels like I hit the lottery! Still afraid of dogs, but the sweet mula has helped me move on.”

Cephas Conceptt

“Can’t thank this office enough. They did not settle for the measly amount the insurance company was offering and seemed to really have my best interests at heart. They communicated with me regularly and were available when I needed them. The whole process was really easy. They have my recommendation for sure.”

Abraham Leonald

I took a nasty fall which resulted in a broken bone and potentially life threatening complications. I felt alone as I faced a long recovery, so long in fact that I lost my business, was evicted, and the consequences saw my family endure financial hardship of unimaginable proportions.

I was referred to Timothy Ryan for legal representation and immediately that sense of being alone and overwhelmed dissolved. Legal cases take a long time, in my case almost two years, but along the way Tim and his staff kept me up to date on developments, and I always felt confident that my case was important to them and moving forward . I worked with his highly competent and pleasant staff and frequently spoke directly with Tim who impressed me with his genuine concern for my situation and for the well being of my family.

Tim is honest and up front, he never promised anything he could not deliver. He set a realistic tone from the outset based on the facts of the case, then obviously worked hard to get the best possible outcome, in my case, a settlement.

What I liked most of all was the level of communication. If I had a question, all I need do is call. Emails were replied to the same day, and as I said earlier, Tim was available any time I requested to speak to him. My case wasn’t taken on by a “front man” only to be handled by a member of his staff. Tim was on it, and his staff was superb, always friendly, responsive, and very thorough.

Now that my case is resolved, the end of a long road, I can look back a feel confident that I was in good hands. Without going in to specifics, I have to say that insurance companies do not have my best interests in mind, quite the opposite. As the case developed, Tim was able to secure concessions that would only have been possible by an attorney of great skill and negotiating prowess.

In conclusion, I am very happy with the work that was done on my behalf by this law firm. I always felt that we were moving foreward and they were absolutely excellent with communications. The end result was good for me and my family and it was obvious to me that the settlement was the best possible outcome because I had a competent, skilled, and compassionate legal team on my side.

Patrick M.

“Its been a please working with this kaitlyn, she has handle my case (accident) very well and i am very happy tk recommend them to anyone else out therr in need of an attorney. Don’t wait and think to much this attorneys are the real deal. We are in the middle of my case right now but so far everything has been great. I will update my review once my case is over, but so far they have handle my case very well. Thank you kaitlyn!”

John N.

“Timothy Ryan is an outstanding personal injury and car accident lawyer in the Huntington Beach area. He is extremely professional, and knowledgeable about all of the ins and outs of car insurance requirements, and medical treatment options, which you really need after any auto accident. He and his staff will answer all of your questions, and make sure you get the compensation you deserve after any auto accident. They will take the time to listen to exactly what happened in your accident, what type of injuries you have experienced, how those injuries are affecting your daily activities, and what treatment you are undergoing. They then use that information to aggressively fight with the insurance companies to get you the most money possible under that particular policy. The process of dealing with the companies is complicated, but they make it easy. Overall, highly recommended!”

Pluto W.

“My husband was in a horrible accident a few years ago and Tim Ryan was amazing in how he handled the case!! The staff was so attentive and hands on with all of our questions. Tim got us a great settlement and paid the medical bills. I would definitely recommend this law firm!!!”

Rosey W.

“Tim Ryan is not your usual lawyer. He actually spoke with me on the phone the day I called, gave me common sense advice and treated me like a human being. I had been putting off calling a lawyer because have been treated so badly by lawyers in the past. I should have called him when I first found his name online. I am so grateful I found him and look forward to getting my car accident medical claim handled in the very near future.”

C.F. R.

This office was fabulous. My car was totaled, but luckily I had no major injuries. Still the paperwork, and the hoops that had to be jumped through, were incredibly mind boggling. I didn’t expect a huge settlement, but needed help navigating the channels: My insurance, Other party’s insurance, Gap insurance, Dealership, car rental, medical, rehab…
Quick interview with Mr. Tim Ryan got me started. Randi (paralegal) was super, guiding me through each step and warning me of traditional dealer reluctance to pay-up. Also, Tera, Monique, and Tiffany were always dependablel in relaying messages and clarifying outstanding issues. I could not have survived this without them.
Rehab facility (Avalon Rehab to which I was referred) was outstanding as well. And far better than having to go through my medical plan and shell out for deductibles for each visit.

Marilyn D.

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