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How a California Defective Product Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help

Accidental deaths are always tragic, but the tragedy is compounded when the death is caused by a defective product. In almost every case, the manufacturer cut corners to save a few pennies on each item it made, knowing those pinched pennies would add up to millions of dollars in extra profits while placing lives at risk.

We understand the pain that surviving family members feel whenever a loved one dies. We understand the outrage that compounds that pain when family members learn that the death could have been prevented by manufacturers that market unsafe products and by importers and retailers that ignore defects in products made in China and other countries that fail to regulate product safety.

Wrongful death defective product lawyers are dedicated to helping surviving family members recover compensation for preventable deaths caused by defective or unsafe products. That dedication is motivated in part by our compassion for the surviving family members and in part by our sense of justice. We know that every time we force a product manufacturer or seller to pay compensation, we are sending a message about the consequences of marketing unsafe or defective products.

Deadly Products in Southern California

It is impossible to list or anticipate all of the ways in which consumer products become deadly products. Some products are safe if used correctly but the manufacturer fails to provide a conspicuous warning that alerts consumers to unsafe uses. Other products are marketed with hidden defects that create potential hazards for unwary consumers.  Defective products can be found in products we use everyday.  Some products can include motorcycles, automobiles, medical devices to home appliances and furniture.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that thousands of defective products have the potential to kill unsuspecting consumers. The CPSC has recently warned consumers about:

Helping families recover the compensation they deserve

When a defective or unsafe product kills a consumer, the consumer’s grieving family members are victims of the manufacturer or seller that marketed the product.  They lose the love, companionship, and emotional support of the family member, but they also lose the financial support and services that the family member would have provided.

Those losses are unfair. A spouse should not face foreclosure of the family home because the family breadwinner was killed by an unsafe product. A child should not be deprived of an education because contributions will no longer be made to that child’s college fund. Family members should not need to pay a handyman to do the home repairs that were the responsibility of a lost loved one.

We help family members receive fair compensation for unfair deaths. Compensation helps family members move on with their lives as they cope with a loved one’s death. It also prevents other families from enduring similar tragedies by motivating manufacturers and sellers to remove unsafe products from the market.

Strict time limits apply to wrongful death claims from unsafe products. You need to act promptly if your family has been devastated by a wrongful death. To talk to a defective product wrongful death lawyer about your entitlement to compensation, call Timothy J. Ryan & Associates at (800) 838-6644.

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