How Many People Die In Motorcycle Accidents Each Year?
May 3, 2016 admin

How Many People Die In Motorcycle Accidents Each Year?

motorcycle death statisticsRiding a motorcycle is a freeing experience; until you have a bike of your own, it is impossible to understand the joy of hitting the open road with a powerful motorcycle. Unfortunately, the same attributes that make motorcycles so enjoyable are the ones that make them dangerous, and few motorcyclists are aware of the sheer number of fatalities that motorcyclists suffer each year.

Motorcycles are incredibly unstable and not easily visible like cars. Furthermore, those who operate motorcycles sometimes do not have the required training to do so in a safe and effective manner.

Whenever a motorcyclist is involved in a collision, the rider has less protection than they would if they were inside a car. This drastically increases their likelihood of suffering catastrophic injuries when they do crash, often losing their lives.

Overall Estimate of Motorcycle Deaths and the State with the Most Deaths

motorcycle accident deathU.S. motorcycle accident statistics estimate that more than 4,000 deaths result from motorcycle accidents each year.

While this may pail in comparison to car accident deaths, 11 years ago the number of motorcycle fatalities in the U.S. was a little over 2,000 per year. The number of reported deaths from motorcycles has doubled.

The state of Texas holds the highest record of deaths due to serious motorcycle accidents with more than 500 fatal collisions occurring on a yearly basis.

Head-On Collision Deaths

Few people can say that they have experienced a head-on collision with another vehicle. If you have, you probably barely escaped with your life.

There are so many head-on collisions, and when they involve a motorcycle, the results are almost always disastrous. These types of accidents result in serious head injuries, severe brain damage, and in many cases, death.

Rear-End Collision Deaths

Motorcyclists are prone to suffering fatal injuries during a collision since there are no air bags, metal frames, or seat belts that will protect them like they do inside a car. When it comes to a rear-end collision between two regular vehicles, driving away from the scene is a possibility.

However, when it comes to colliding into the rear end of a motorcycle, this type of impact often results in catastrophic injuries.

When vehicles collide with motorcyclists from behind they can propel cyclists moving at high speeds into the ground or into other vehicles.

Modified Motorcycle Deaths

bike modificationsAlthough relatively uncommon, some motorcycle deaths are a result of unsafe modifications made by repair shops, or done by the motorcycle’s owner. These situations can result in high-speed motorcycle malfunctions that slam bikers against the pavement or other hard surfaces.

In other cases, motorcycles can erupt in flames, consuming the biker resulting in their death. It is especially important for those who are buying a used motorcycle to make sure that they do so from a reputable used motorcycle shop to help ensure these types of modifications are not made.

Motorcycle Death Assistance in CA

If your loved one has died because of a motorcycle accident you may be entitled to compensation for their medical expenses and other issues that arise as a direct result of their death. No one wants to speak to a lawyer after such a devastating circumstance, but in many cases, a lawyer is needed to help ensure your right to motorcycle accident compensation is secured and important dates are not ignored.

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