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Woman Suffers Fatal Injuries Following Collision With Vehicle

Posted by Timothy J. Ryan | Jan 15, 2015 | 0 Comments

A woman was standing in the middle of a major local street on Saturday night. She was hit by a car and died from the sustained injuries, according to police.

Huntington Beach fire and police officials were called to the scene involving a pedestrian crash. This took place around 11 pm. It occurred on Beach Boulevard, slightly south of Talbert Avenue.

The woman was standing in the middle of the street, according to officials. A 53 year old man in a Dodge Durango was driving on Beach Boulevard going southbound. He crashed into her, killing her on impact.

The driver of the Durango stayed on the scene. He was then interviewed by a detective when they arrived. He was released without a citation or arrest.

The identity of the woman was not available immediately. She was described as being approximately 120 pounds and 5'4 inches tall. She appeared to be in her mid-50s.

Our thoughts are with the family of the victim. Losing a loved one in such a preventable way can lead to depression and deep-rooted anger.

An investigation is still being conducted regarding the death of the woman. The Major Incident Reconstruction Team of the Huntington Beach Police Department is taking the lead. Witnesses who have anything to contribute to the crash are being asked to call one of the police investigators assigned to the case.

There are still various details that are unknown, including why the woman was standing in the middle of the road and if the driver of the Durango had seen her and made an attempt to stop. He was released, so it is possible that he was not viewed as at fault by the police officers at the time.

Accidents occur on the streets of California every day. The traffic in Huntington Beach is considerable and this is because there are 16 million visitors every year, which puts more people on the roads. Along Beach Boulevard where the crash took place, there is an estimated population of 526,000 people and 94,000 vehicles on the road every day.

The number of fatal crashes in Orange County have been on the decline over recent years, though there are still major accidents that occur every year. Pedestrians can be at fault just as much as the drivers because they are not adhering to the various traffic laws and not following safety best practices.

While it is unknown at this point as to why the women in her 50s was hit and killed, she was found to be standing in the middle of the road according to officials. As to whether the road was lit or what she was doing in the road, it is still being investigated.

The investigation may take several more weeks, especially if no further witnesses come forward in order to shed some light onto what happened. After the investigation is over, actions can be taken to prevent such things from happening again.

Those who have lost a loved one in a pedestrian crash are encouraged to contact a wrongful death attorney in Orange County as soon as possible. Although compensation is the furthest thing from your mind after a situation such as this, funeral expenses and other costs will arise that may be too much of a financial burden to bear. Pursuing compensation will allow you to avoid paying expenses out of pocket that should be paid by the responsible party. Call (800) 838-6644 to obtain a free no hassle consultation from a skilled wrongful death attorney today.

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