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Injuries Sustained In Amusement Park Accidents

Posted by Timothy J. Ryan | Sep 23, 2016 | 0 Comments

During summers, millions of Americans visit an amusement park in their respective states. There is no doubt that visiting a theme park should be a fun and care-free event. But, every year thousands of people every year suffer grave, life-changing injuries as park operators or owners fail to take reasonable precautions to mitigate foreseeable injuries. Therefore, it is highly advisable to the visitors to consider most common types of amusement park injuries, before planning a trip.

Despite a popular belief, most theme park injuries do not cater to gruesome roller-coaster accidents. However, slip and fall injury has caused the overwhelming majority of amusement park injuries. According to a report from the Orlando Sentinel who has analyzed almost 500 state and federal lawsuits against park operators in the Southeast over an eight-year period found out that almost 46% of cases involved slip and fall injuries. While 20% of the injuries involved are due to multiple attractions at amusement parks. Due to the size, speed, and complexity of a roller coaster as well as thrill rides, these types of injuries have the potential to be more fatal, and even life-threatening. Most common injuries from roller coasters include a neck, head, and spinal injuries from whiplash and traumatic brain injuries.

There are some serious amusement park injuries which result in death. Often times, fatalities occur as amusement park staff fails to comply with safety protocols. Also, permits unfit guests to ride attractions engineered to fit guests of a certain weight or height. It is precisely for these reasons that we sign posted on rides stating “you need to be this tall to ride this attraction.” Guests susceptible to such catastrophic injuries on roller coasters include children too small to fit into harnesses, elderly and intoxicated passengers. A case in point is a young boy from Kansas lost his life on a water slide after the operators allegedly allowed the craft he and other occupants were on to go down the slide underweight. This caused the craft to turn over, and caused fatal head as well as neck trauma. Though the victim's family recovered multi-million dollar settlement from several parties involved in the accident. However, no amount of financial settlement can bring that child to life, however, making the parties accountable for their wrong dong must serve some justice to the aggrieved party.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon park visitors to remain vigilant about their surroundings and exercise all due caution. On the other side, theme parks need to perform proper safety analyses on their rides and attractions.

Hire A Professional Legal Attorney   

In the event you or someone you love got injured at an amusement park, it is vitally important to discuss your situation with an experienced or seasoned personal injury attorney, who can help you in getting out of this situation through building a strong defense. Also, he can help you in filing a settlement claim as compensation for your injuries you have sustained in the amusement park accident.

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