San Diego Tow Truck Driver Dies While Assisting With Flat Tire
January 20, 2015 admin

San Diego Tow Truck Driver Dies While Assisting With Flat Tire

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In San Marcos, a city within San Diego County, a tow truck driver was killed on Saturday morning while responding to a job. According to the California Highway Patrol, another tow truck driver was rushed to the hospital with massive internal injuries and a broken leg.

This fatal collision happened on Saturday morning on the Route 78 eastbound State east of Nordahl Road. The California Highway Patrol said that the two tow truck drivers were fixing a Nissan pickup’s flat tire.

According to reports, a Ford F-250 truck drove into the shoulder and hit the workers and their vehicles. One of the tow truck drivers was pronounced dead at the scene. He was identified by the San Diego County Medical Examiner as 48-year-old Jabar Issa of El Cajon.

The driver of the car with the flat tire suffered scrapes and cuts while the driver of the Ford F-250 escaped unhurt. The California Highway Patrol did not say what caused the crash or if any charges would be brought against the driver.

Fatal San Diego Collisions

San Diego County has had 50 fatal collisions and 955 injury collisions. The most common wrongful death accidents in San Diego are truck, car and motorcycle accidents. The common causes of the accidents are:

Dangers Facing Tow Truck Drivers

Tow truck drivers are drivers who provide essential services that deal with removing wrecked, damaged as well as disabled vehicles from the roads. The drivers also provide non-towing services that include changing tires and locksmith services. These services are done at the places where the vehicles are stalled or broken down which at times may not be safe for the tow truck drivers.

Tow truck drivers face risks on the roads which can happen while they are loading vehicles, performing other tasks when they are working on the emergency shoulder of the road and changing tires. They can also be at risk when standing partially in the traffic lane or even walking with their backs to traffic.

Accidents affecting tow truck drivers can also be caused by some weather conditions like snow or rain. They can also be injured on icy or snowy roads when they slip and fall.

The drivers can also be injured when loading wrecked vehicles on the tow truck. The injuries sustained in these instanced are often caused by broken or rough surfaces of the wrecked vehicles.

Tow truck drivers must therefore pay attention to their surroundings as well as traffic and also avoid taking any unnecessary risks. Unfortunately, many of the situations that result in injuries to the drivers are a result of others’ negligence which is out of their control.

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