What Are the Most Seen Medical Malpractice Errors?

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The following post is by Percy Martinez and his partners in Orlando, FL.

Medical mistakes occur on a daily basis throughout the United States. In fact, healthcare providers receive about 15,000 to 19,000 medical malpractice claims against them every year. Any medical professional that has established a relationship with a patient must exercise an acceptable standard of care when they are treating them for a condition or operating on them. A person can suffer devastating harms when they encounter a medical malpractice error because a medical professional could not take the time and effort to prevent injuries from happening. Is that fair?

Medical professionals deal with life and death situations and should take preventative measures to avoid an injury occurring to their patient that could have otherwise been prevented. A patient has a legal right to file a lawsuit against a medical professional that caused their harm due to their negligence. Medical malpractice is a very complex subject due to all of the laws and regulations surrounding it. The best orlando medical malpractice attorneys that specialize in this subject area are focused and determined to win every medical malpractice case that comes their way.

Who Can Suffer a Medical Malpractice Error and What Errors Are They?

There are two types of patients that can endure a medical malpractice errors: inpatients and outpatients. Inpatients are those who are admitted in the hospital. The most common errors that occur to inpatients are surgical errors. Surgical errors make up about 33% of all mistakes made to inpatients. The surgical errors that tend to occur the most are cutting through vital organs, leaving a surgical instrument inside the patient's body, using dirty instruments, operating on the wrong body part, among others. These are all mistakes that could be prevented.

Anesthesia also plays a huge role during operations. Most of the time, an anesthesia mistake can be even more dangerous than a surgical mistake. A person may suffer a catastrophic reaction to anesthesia that is improperly administered by an incorrect dosage, a failure to look at the patient's medical history, improperly inserted tube, and more.

An outpatient is a person who receives care through different hospital services like an emergency room, observational room, X-rays, and more. The most recurrent mistakes that occur to outpatients are a failure to diagnose, a delay in diagnosing, and misdiagnosis. The medical conditions that tend to fit in these categories the most are heart attacks, cancer, pneumonia, and meningitis. Any of these conditions that are not properly diagnosed in time can be fatal.

While the above are the typical mistakes that occur to inpatient and outpatient people, a patient can also suffer birth injuries, medication errors, wrongful death, and more.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Serving Victims in Orlando

Experiencing a medical error can alter a person's life for the worse. It can bring them tremendous emotional, financial, and physical burden. Not only do they suffer, but their families as well. Percy Martinez and his partners understand this through their compassionate nature. They not only want to get their clients the maximum compensation, but they want to be a shoulder that they can lean on in these difficult times.


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